Chris Berman After Super Bowl LVII: 'February 12th is Abe Lincoln's Birthday.'

Stephen Douglas

Chris Berman anchored ESPN's post-Super Bowl coverage following the Kansas City Chiefs win over the Philadelphia Eagles. After interviewing Andy Reid, Berman ran through the various storylines from before the game, ending with the fact that it was the first time the Super Bowl featured two African American starting quarterbacks. Berman, having found a nugget in his research, revealed that, "Fittingly, February 12th is Abe Lincoln's birthday." And then he launched into the highlights.

Unfortunately, Steve Young and Booger McFarland, who were at the desk with Berman, were off-camera so we couldn't see their reactions -- we only have sound to go on. As the highlights began there was a brief silence and then some laughs and and it sounded like they had the same reaction as everyone at home.

Mainly, what? And where did that come from? Basically, confusion.